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fuq da police hi.

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Well look who show up on him! Wasn’t that Mai? “Ohy!” He waved his hand happily in the air, “Mai!” And laughed. It had been a very long time since he seen her!  He wondered which version was she from… with so many alter universes it was hard to tell sometimes other apart.

It was the same old Mai from Duelist Kingdom and Battle City, simply older. The only real difference was she became even more jaded due to circumstance.  The ‘ohy’ caught her attention, and when she saw her called for her attention she looked surprised. But then she smiled that signature coy Mai smile at him. “How you doing hun?”

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“Hm. Yes I’ve changed…quite a bit though not sure if it’s for better or worse. I’m just glad you haven’t changed” Yami says smiling but then he frowns. “Everything has been so different since I’ve returned”

It wasn’t as if he wasn’t used to change but being away from his friends for so long made everything different from before. Sure he worked in a maid cafe and it wasn’t exactly the greatest but he didn’t mind it so much. From the high life of being a Pharaoh who had to save the world to being a waiter, it was a nice change honestly. Least the only biggest problem he had was the hard customers that came in every now and then. 

“You ran into Joey?” the pharaoh asks in surprise. “Is he alright? Have you been alright?”

Mai placed her free hand on Yami’s head and ruffled his multicolored hair a bit. “I don’t change, I adapt. So you can always count on me being me, ok kid?” When he mentioned that everything had been different since he came back, it piqued her interest. “So clever boy, how did you get back and get your own body?”

“Being ‘alright’ is all relative babes. You should probably ask him yourself. It isn’t my place.” For a moment Mai’s eyes looked down and she took a deep inhale of her cigarette. For a moment she held in the smoke in her lungs, and slowly let it filter out of her in a sigh of relief. “So Pharaoh boy, are you going to invite me in? Or would you rather catch up somewhere else? I’m sure you shouldn’t be slacking off at work. “ Mai turned to him, and gave him a small smile.

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Leavin’ th’ apa’tment just ain’t worth it.

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Let’s take a moment to appreciate how awesome Mai is, because she’s awesome.

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